• Easy Deploy

    Use sqlite3 as database,all static forntend assets are embedded in executateable binary file.

  • Cross Platform

    Based on Go,you can run Gofi on Android, except Mac/Linux/Windows

  • Modern

    Modern User Interface based on Ant Design Vue Pro,and support i18n


Gofi is still in a rapid iteration, and there may be security issues when deploying on the public network. At present, only local area network deployment is recommended.

Getting Start


you can find latest Gofi application on Gofi Release page,please choose right platform matched your os.

# download MacOS plaftform gofi, rename it.
wget -O gofi https://github.com/Sloaix/Gofi/releases/latest/download/gofi-darwin-10.6-amd64


default port of gofi is 8080, which can specified by using -p option.

# run

# run as daemon process
nohup ./gofi &

# 80 port (need sudo permission)
./gofi -p 80

# server ip specified
./gofi -p 80 -ip